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How can you wash your hands if you don’t have any water: neighbor in Venezuela

Neighbors of Ciudad Casarapa in Guarenas ask for water to comply with quarantine and containment measures after six days without water by pipes.


People of the Ciudad Casarapa in Guarenas, Miranda state, report that they have 14 days without received any water, making it impossible to comply with the social quarantine measures ordered by Nicolas Maduro regime.

With cases mounting and no water to wash their hands, the affected neighbors are expressing desperation. Nearly 80% of the country does not receive any water by pipes.

Maduro has also imposed a social quarantine, forbidding large meetings, stopping classes and ordering all business closed except those related to food and health care.

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“Our reserves are exhausted. We are desperate. In an apartment of sixty or seventy square meters, it is impossible to have large storage tanks,” said Julissa García.

“How do you wash your hands if you don’t even have enough to cook or brush your teeth? How do you deal with a pandemic or a quarantine without water?” a neighbor asks.

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In an ordinary month, neighbors spend 14 days without water service. But this one has been worse, they say.

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