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Honduras intercepts plane coming from Venezuela with half a tonne of cocaine


A small plane from Venezuela was intercepted by the Honduran Armed Forces in the department of Gracias a Dios, in the east of the country bordering Nicaragua, carrying 489 kilos of cocaine and heavy weaponry including a grenade launcher, an official source confirmed on Monday, August 24.

Venezuela has become a hub for transshipment of cocaine, according to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Nicolas Maduro is wanted by US authorities in connection with narco-terrorism activities and offered a bounty of $15 million for him. His wife, First Combatant Cilia Flores, their children, several family members, and almost every other top collaborator have also designated have and have a bounty on their heads.

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In the search, 16 bundles of cocaine were found wrapped in packaging, whose total weight was 489 kilos, said the source, who said that authorities also seized an AK-47 rifle, a rifle magazine, a 9-millimeter pistol, and a grenade launcher.

The twin-engine plane, which came from Venezuela, crashed and was intercepted on Sunday in clandestine landing area in the Aguas sector, where a confrontation between the military and criminal groups took place, without causing injuries, he explained.

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