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Harvests are at risk, because of severe fuel rationing in Lara state

Without gasoline, farmers in Lara are afraid of losing their crops, and cannot prepare the land before the rainy season that begins on April 15th, which would compromise the next harvests.


“Sowing has become a challenge,” said Jorge Molina, a producer from Crespo municipality, in Lara state.

Because of the lack of gasoline and diesel, farmers are afraid of losing their harvest, and not being able to sow before the next rainy season, which begins on April 15.

The fuel rationing is impacting Venezuelan farmers all over the country. “We’re not only losing our work, but the population is running out of food,” Molina added.

The mayor of Jimenez municipality, Orlando Miranda, promised on April 3rd, that farmers would have gasoline. However, he doesn’t announce a date for this offer becoming a reality.

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Meanwhile, in Guarico, municipality of Moran, only a few moto-drivers were able to re-fuel last Tuesday, after 16-days without fuel. The farmers were put in a waiting list, and so far, they have no fuel or diesel.

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Enrique Jimenez explains that farmers also need diesel for their machines. For example, the pump he uses to carry water from their sowing needs diesel, otherwise, he cannot water it.

“In the Diego de Lozada town, there are between 500 and 700 producers in the high-lands, because there are many houses. The current mobilization is on motorcycles or foot” said Enrique Jimenez.

In the mountains, they harvest onion, paprika, potato, tomato, garlic, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, and black beans, products that are distributing in the central-western part of Venezuela.

Without gasoline or diesel, the food provider to the rest of Venezuela is at risk.

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