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Guards rescued a kidnapped 2-year-old baby girl from a notorious prison

Officers from the Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas in Spanish) rescued the baby from the Vista Hermosa prison, where she was for four months. Three women, including the baby mother, have been arrested as part of the procedure.


By Gladylis Flores.

Officials from the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) arrested three women for keeping a two-year-old girl inside the Vista Hermosa prison in Ciudad Bolívar, Bolivar state. One of the detainees is the young baby mother.

According to the information provided by the military officials, Biena Freyliner Tremaría Bermúdez, 23, the baby mother, gave her to Orelys Yubitsay Vasquez Belo, 43, and Karla Nayiredt Piñango Vásquez, 20. Vasquez and Piñango then kept the baby inside Vista Hermosa for four months, while they were living there with a man serving a robbery sentence.

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These arrangements are not that weird in Venezuelan prisons. Some inmates -typically, the jailhouse boss known as pran- are allowed to live with their couples and partners in extended conjugal visits, and children and other relatives can come and go. Houses and apartments, complete with pools and gym, have been built inside prisons by the negatives leaders (as the Maduro regime labels pranes) with this intention.

After telephone investigations, the officials rescued the minor from the Vista Hermosa prison. There, they collected three cell phones and the born certificate from the child. The child was mobilizing to the headquarters of the Scientific, Criminal, and Criminalistic Investigation Body (Cicpc), where she got examined n so that the Council for the Protection of Children could give temporary custody to her paternal grandmother.

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The regional coordinator of the Venezuelan Prison Observatory (OVP in Spanish), Luis Manuel Guevara, told El Pitazo that since the beginning of the quarantine in Venezuela for the prevention of COVID-19, early March, authorities prohibited the visits.

“Only men who have an incarceration warrant for that center should be inside the Vista Hermosa prison, and women, much fewer children, should not be allowed to stay overnight. A girl inside a prison is a high risk, the question is how she got in, and who authorized her entrance, because she should have some connection with the detainee,” said Guevara.

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