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Saturday, 24 October, 2020

Guaido retakes National Assembly


By Carlos Camacho in Caracas.

After similar events Sunday, when National Guard prevented Juan Guaido from entering the legislative building, lawmakers aligned with the Nicolas Maduro regime tried to sit a sham Assembly led by turncoat lawmaker Luis Parra.

Monday afternoon, Guaido promised that he would session Tuesday and he delivered. Parra was not in the building when Guaido retook his seat, but he tweeted that he was going to call for an Assembly session of his own.

As a parting shot, the usurpers cut off electricity to the building, but no avail: Juan Guaido was in the building, presiding the National Assembly that reiterated him as its President as well as the acting President of Venezuela.

A group of 40 pro-Maduro lawmakers abandoned the hall, but remained in the building’s patio, singing the National Anthem and promising to unseat Guaido again.

“We will recover this power for the Venezuelan people”, lawmaker Francisco Torrealba promised. The Assembly, led by Guaido, made a pronouncement, denouncing a military coup.

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The feared colectivo, accused by the United Nations of being behind pro-Maduro political violence in Venezuela, where stationed near the Assembly, but merely attacked the cars of lawmakers, breaking windows with sticks and stones.

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