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Friday, 30 July, 2021

Guaidó calls for union to fight against Maduro


The parliamentary Juan Guaidó, recognized as Venezuela’s interim President for over 50 nations, calls for union of all the sectors to fight against Nicolas’s Maduro government to face to the next year’s agenda. He promised “freedom” to this 2020.

After a meeting with deputies for other fractions from opposition movement, Guaidó insisted that he is building an agenda to reunite all the people. “That’s why I’m calling to reunite us to our purpose, we must to prepare” he said to the medias when affirmed that opposition is going to start a coalition to lead.

 Guiadó insist “to meet us again on the streets” and that the 2020´s agenda will be including mobilizations, attention to the humanitarian crisis and elections, but he made a point about this goal “Our mission is clear, free elections, and free means according to Constitution, with minimal conditions”.

Last Tuesday, Guaidó admit that his fight to get Maduro out of power has not been enough. “We thought that to this date the end of usurpation would be a reality” remembered about the popular assembly of 23 January when he was declared as interim president and promised to remove Maduro’s government. However, Maduro is still in power despite that many countries reject his legitimacy and is considerate a dictator.

The deputy made this call among corruption scandals that involve several members of parliament. The next January Guaidó expect been reelected as National Assembly President, but some deputies accused of corruption said that they’re not going to vote for him.

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