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Guaido arrives in London to continue denunciation against Maduro regime

Juan Guaido is now in England to meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Minister Dominic Raab. After the London meets, the President of the National Assembly will fly to Davos, to give a speech at the annual economic forum there and possibly to meet with top ally, US President Donald Trump.


The interim government of Venezuela reported that Juan Guaido, arrived in London Monday morning without a hitch, after headlining a Bogota terrorism conference where he denounces links between several organizations such as Hezbollah, Colombia’s FARC, and the ELN with the Nicolas Maduro regime.

Guaido met Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, his office reported, shortly after arriving in England. After his meet with Raab, Guaido will meet with British members of Parliament (MPs), Johnson government officials and, lastly, exiled Venezuelans there.

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Guaido arrived in the British Isles after meeting in Colombia with US State Secretary Mike Pompeo during a meeting of hemispheric cabinet ministers on terrorism in Bogota.

After England’s visit, Guaido will travel to Switzerland to attend the Davos World Economic Forum, where it is expected that he meets with US President Donald Trump, the first head of state to recognize Guaido when the lawmaker claimed the mantle of interim President of Venezuela in January 2019.

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