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Friday, 30 July, 2021

Guaido announce the rescue of the television network Telesur


National Assembly President Juan Guaido announced Sunday night that he was seeking to place polemical cable television network Telesur, often described as the CNN of chavism under the authority of the interim government of Venezuela.

For that purpose, Guaido said he had appointed a restructuring commission. Telesur has its world headquarters in Caracas, not far from the DGCIM military counter-intelligence directorate. DGCIM is the top agency for torture in Venezuela, according to local NGO Provea.

Guaido tweeted that he had started “a process to reorganize and rescue Telesur, to place it at the service of the truth, plurality, and Venezuelan regional democracy,” a steep turnaround given that “since its creation, Telesur has been used to promote destabilization in the region, supporting terrorist groups, attacking democracy, spreading lies about Venezuela and defend the Maduro dictatorship”.

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The commission will be made up of professional communicators that will place that TV signal at the service of liberty. They must work with allies in the region and current content replaced with plural and democratic content, that will be broadcast and available progressively inside and outside Venezuela.

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