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Guaido addmited been in touch with Maduro reps

The president of the National Assembly admitted, in an interview with El Diario, that being able to have an independent electoral council would be a great step forward, but that this does not guarantee that the elections will be free.


Venezuela’s interim president, and head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido, said the legislative-held was in contact with the Nicolas Maduro regime for selecting the board of directors of the National Electoral Council.

“The nomination committee includes representatives from all political forces, including the PSUV (the ruling party of Maduro), as well as civil society. As part of the committee’s work, contacts have n made between Maduro’s reps and workers of the National Assembly,” Guaido said in an interview with Spanish language newspaper El Diario.

In the interview published Thursday, June 10, Guaido said that have been informal contacts, but said that they are still relevant because, in his opinion, it shows important realities such as the regime not being 100% sure that the world will accept another electoral fraud.

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The regime is trying to snatch the directors’ appointment away from the Assembly and have the Maduro-controlled Supreme Court do it instead.

“They (the regime) are not so sure anymore of being able to push forward with the appointment of a new CNE by the fake Supreme Court”, Guaido quoted by El Diario as saying. Hence, the need to negotiate. “If they were feeling so strong, they would have done it by now. With this, I don’t mean they won’t do it, but it seems that they will first try to reduce the costs of that decision because they know that taking that step, will lead to a new crisis, just like it happened to them with the 2018 presidential fraud”.

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Despite the new contacts, Guaido said “they (the regime) continue to block solutions.”

When asked about the reasons why Maduro’s representative had contacted the opposition, he said that they may be trying to get them to fall into a trap, but they are not going to fall there. Guaido added that if the regime goes ahead with getting the Supreme Court to violate National Assembly attributions, the resulting electoral authority would be fraudulent, and that would have consequences for them and the country.

On the same issue of the Electoral Power, he stressed his decision to only recognize a new independent CNE appointed by the National Assembly, which would be an important step, according to Guaido, but he considers that having new directors will not guarantee truly free elections.

On 5 June, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court declared the National Assembly’s legislative omission for the appointment of the rectors of the National Electoral Council and through sentence No. 69 it urged the Parliamentary Nominations Committee to hand over a list of pre-selected candidates to integrate the new CNE.

With El Diario information.

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