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Grenade attack killed two police officers in Yaracuy state

Two officers from Yaracuy state police, and an alleged suspect, died in the early morning of April 8, when a fragmentary grenade exploded. The suspect allegedly activated the device.


The detonation of a grenade by an alleged criminal left three people dead, including two Poliyaracuy officials. The third victim has not yet identified but is presuming to be a member of the criminal gang Wilmer El Bachiller, or Wilmer the High School graduate.

Grenade attacks happen in Venezuela, as criminal gangs seem to have the same armaments as the military, including assault rifles, pistols, grenades, and body armor.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 8th, when officers Danny Perez, 36, and Candimar Vasquez, 27, watched the Cocorotico sector in San Felipe, Yaracuy state.

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According to police sources, when the officers were doing body searches of suspects, one of them began shooting and attacking the officers, which started a chasing that ended in the backyard of a house.

Police said that when the suspect noticed cornered, he set off the fragmentary grenade that deadly wounded the security officers.

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Candimar Vasquez and Danny Perez died minutes after entering to the San Felipe Central Hospital. Both police officers will receive post-mortem recognition, said Julio Leon, governor of the state of Yaracuy.

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