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Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Fuel service is suspending in Zulia border state

The fuel has been reserved for Maduro regime forces, General Ovidio Delgado said. The general urged to the people do not stay in at the gas stations.


Military authorities and the Zulia Governor’s Office said March 15th, that gasoline would only is to vehicles using to guarantee basic services in the state, such as food, medicine, transportation, water, and telecommunications.

“Don’t go to the gas stations, because you won´t get any fuel. Those in the lines should go home. That’s the call. We are on health alert,” said General Ovidio Delgado, head of the military command for Western Venezuela next to the governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto.

The military emphasizes that only those vehicles that require transit during the quarantine in Zulia state will have the gasoline.

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Governor Omar Prieto that companies that need to fill up fuel must request a safe-passage permit at the headquarters of the Integral Defense Zone or Redi Occidente by its acronym in Spanish.

Food and water

The head of Redi Occidente clarifies that people can go out and buy food, taking into the necessary preventive measures.

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Regarding the distribution of drinking water, which is lacking for more than a month in many areas of Maracaibo city, the capital of the state, Prieto says that service will be guaranteed, as well as the collection of garbage. “The most important thing is family takes shelter to avoids contagion.”

Six suspecting cases

Prieto also reports six suspecting Coronavirus cases in Zulia, which are analyzing, three of them are passengers on the Iberia flights, where the first two patients arrived, and the other three are people been in contact with sick people. Another 24 people are in isolation.

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