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Tuesday, 27 July, 2021

Four X-rays units are out of service in Apure

The San Fernando central hospital went from 6,000 x-rays A DAY three years ago to taking only 50 such studies daily at present, according to reports. There's no cancer treatment either.


Four radiotherapy units are out of service in Apure state, Western Venezuela, right on the border with Colombia, according to health-care sources. People can’t even get X-rays in that state.

The X-ray units at three hospitals in Apure -hospital Lorenza de Castillo, San Juan de Payara, Pedro Camejo municipal and hospital José Antonio Páez- are out of service due to the high cost of the chemicals to develop and fix images of X-ray studies.

Experts in said studies told El Pitazo that Dr. Pablo Acosta Ortíz was carrying out up to 7,000 X-ray studies a year, where nowadays it can only do from 20 to 50 of those. A similar situation to that in San Fernando central hospital, three years ago made 6,000 X-rays a day to only 50 nowadays.

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El Pitazo saw no X-ray action at the CDI Parque de Ferias -most CDIs are run by Cuban cooperation workers- in Biruaca or the one in Campo Alegre.

And those patients lucky enough to get X-rays need to bring a CD-ROM to save the studies there. A single X-ray can cost Bs 1 million or $14, in a country where half of the working population makes the minimum wage of $3 a month.

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