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Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Former Sebin chief: Movistar is helping regime persecute dissidents

Former Sebin chief, Manuel Cristopher Figuera, said users have been arrested after trying to reach military officers who were either under arrest or under surveillance. He accused Movistar of "contributing to the regime of Nicolas Maduro". So far, the telecoms company has no comment on it.


Former chief of Sebin, Manuel Cristopher Figuera, now a refugee in the United States, revealed that there are telecommunications companies in Venezuela that cloning numbers, interference in email exchanges, and even unplugged of web pages for the Nicolas Maduro regime, crimes in which the private Spanish telecommunications company Movistar, and state-owned Venezuelan telco firm Movilnet are complicit.

“In this case, I am going to talk about Movistar. In Venezuela, they are contributing to Nicolas Maduro’s regime, to that narco-dictatorship (…) I don’t know who the owners are, but they are doing it,” Figuera told TV Venezuela.

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He said that by duplicating a specific phone number, a process known as cloning, and best described in the U.S hit movie Zero Dark Thirty, these companies provide information to Maduro’s law enforcement agencies. He assured that this technique applied to the officials who rose on April 30, 2019, during Freedom Operation, a military operation with which National Assembly president, Juan Guaido, tried to overthrow Maduro.

Figuera explained that once the government cloned a number, they create a false social network profile or contact people close to the people via messaging to pursue and stop dissent. “They do this with the complicity and support of the telephone companies,” he said.

The former chief noted that there are already officers detained due to this tactic. At the time this note published, Movistar has not reacted to the accusation, although El Pitazo contacted a representative of the company’s communications.

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