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Monday, 26 October, 2020

Fishermen in Falcon state run out of fuel and food

The service stations set up by the Falcon Governor's Office only supply to priority sectors. The fishing workers denounce that the agreements to supply them have not been fulfilled.


The fishermen from Tucacas in Falcon state have been camping for days in front of the only gas station in the town to demand fuel for their boats since the lack of gasoline prevents them from their daily work and so providing for their families.

Since Friday, April 3rd, re-fueling worsened. Twitter users posted pictures of protests at gas stations, where only priority -police and military- vehicles get fuel. The military said that there no fishing because they are not part of the prioritized sectors.

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Protests in Falcon increase in the fishing areas. On March 30, the fishermen of Colina protested, joined by those of Carirubana and Zazarida, who closed the roads in the state.

The fishermen also denounce that they are excluding from the lists managed by the security forces at the gas stations, which is why fishing is paralyzing since the national quarantine began on 16th March.

Unfulfilled promises

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Due to the complaints, the authorities held a meeting with the Regional Council of Fishermen and those officers responsible at the gas stations to establish a schedule for attending fishermen starting on April 1st, but so far it has not been fulfilling.

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