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Tuesday, 27 July, 2021

European Union reiterates its support to Guaido and rejects assault to Parliament


Joseph Borell, High Representative of the European Union, denounced irregularities in the Venezuela National Assembly elections, so the twenty-eight countries still recognize Guaido as the legitimate president of Parliament.

Through a release, the European diplomatic chief declares that the elections from the last Sunday, January 5th, when the new president of the National Assembly would be elected, had serious irregularities and acts against democratic and constitutional working from Assembly.

“These irregularities are not compatibles with a legitimate process. In this order, the European Union continues recognizing Juan Guaidó as the National Assembly president until the right conditions can be guaranteed for right votation”, it read in the release.

The community block declares, “This is one more step to the deterioration of the crisis in Venezuela” and reiterates that they are willing to help in peaceful and democratic solutions based in free and trustful elections.

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