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Saturday, 24 October, 2020

El Pitazo launches its English version


El Pitazo’s team wanted to reach their news to the English-speaking readers all over the world to achieves a greater scope about what is happening in Venezuela’s states. That’s why they launched an English version that is already available on the website which people can find research, reports and breaking news now translated.

One more time, El Pitazo defies censorship that has been imposed on the media and opens a new door for research and uncomfortable truths about the power can have an easier read for English-speaker.

In the section you can look at the special works, research and multimedia reports that won journalism´s international awards like the Ortega-Gasset, Gabo award and a special mention in Human Rights from the SIP.

The introduce notes from the research Women in exhibition are available in this section. This special research, about Kenni Finol’s murdered aka the most expensive doll in an exhibition, was a huge effort that revealed the human trafficking behind the escort website Divas Zone. This work received the 2019 Gabo award in the innovation category.

Cesar Batiz, El Pitazo´s head, said: “I wish that our content reaches to more people. We ask our reader and users to help us to communicate this initiative and tell all your English-speaking friends and family and all the Venezuelan migrant, El Pitazo has English content”.

Just click the button in El Pitazo’s website to access the English version.

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