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Drivers denounce fuel contraband at Anzoategui state


By Giovanna Pellicani.

Drivers that works in the north zone at Anzoategui state, located in the east from Venezuela, denounce that in gas stations in cities like Puerto La Cruz and Barcelona charge in dollars to whoever wants to buy fuel drums, while regular drivers only can buy half tank and must to wait five hours in line to acquire the fuel.

The accounter Alexander Contreras made the complaint and assures been a witness about these irregular sales in the gas station located on Main Avenue at Puerto La Cruz. Citizens presumed that fuel destination is contraband.

You can also read in Spanish: Drivers pay to National Guard to allow them to carry fuel in cars.

“Over four hours I could see like gas station workers gave priority to people who want to buy bidons and we can´t do anything about it because it is a risk,” said Contreras.

The complaint repeats in other places across the city. René Dante said that police officer from the Sotillo municipality and the National Guard watch line just to charge people who don’t want to wait long hours to buy fuel.

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You can read the article in Spanish here.

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