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Dengue fever killed 22 people in Venezuela in 2019

The last four weeks of last year were omitted in the report the Maduro regime gave to the Pan American Health Organization. In it, 864 cases of dengue fever were recorded between January and November.


Venezuela has fewer cases of dengue and also fewer deaths by it in 2019, according to the report by the Pan American Health Organization, quoting figures from the Nicolas Maduro regime.

Mortality from the preventable disease, however, remains one of the highest in the Andean region. Venezuela now has 282% fewer confirmed cases or 864 total cases, but 22 patients died from dengue, meaning mortality only diminished by 8%.

A glaring omission: the entire month of December. For the rest of the year, mortality averaged two fatalities a month and a rate of contagion of nine new cases every day.

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Venezuela is just second to Colombia in the number of dengue cases. The Andean country has 38,106 and 87 dengue fatalities in 2019.

There were 3.13 million dengue cases in the hemisphere in 2019, and 1,583 deceases.

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