Delta Amacuro governor orders three radio stations shut down as censorship intensifies

Radio Chavere, Oceanica and Rio station went off the air this morning when a service truck from electrical state company Corporelec cut off the electricity.


In Tucupita, Delta Amacuro State, the governor Lizeta Hernandez ordered the closure of three radio stations, accuses them of promoting fear in the population during the Coronavirus quarantine. The measure is considered as censorship.

During her radio show, Governor Hernandez warning to the owners of all the radio stations to no prompting fear in the population on the Wuhan virus outbreak.

The governor sent a truck from the National Electric Corporation to cut the electricity supply, and force the stations off the air. El Pitazo spoke with the director of Chevere 97.5 FM, Luis Rodríguez, who assures that there is no logical reason in the closing of the station.

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Rodriguez explains that the Corpoelec truck arriving and the workers turning off the electricity to the building, where two families living, and the office of the Labor Inspectorate and the Notary Public is located.

The service was reactivated at 11:00 a.m. to spare the families but only after the committed that the radio equipment would not be turned on.

“We have never failed with the agreement we reached with her (Lizeta Hernandez) in December when they also closed the station because in my show, people denouncing what is happening in the communities. At that time, the commitment was to lower the tone of the critics,” Rodriguez said.

He also said they have dedicated to promoting awareness with the national quarantine, ordered by the Nicolas Maduro regime, to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in Tucupita.

“People calls to denounce that public services are failing, or that gasoline is sold for one sector and not for another, how do you avoid that?” he claims.

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