Coronavirus in Venezuela: here’s what you need to know about social quarantine

With a balance of 17 confirmed cases till March 15th, Venezuelan health authorities are applying the protocol of the Epidemiological Emergency Plan at international airports and border crossings.

Taking the body temperature of new arrivals is one of the measures implemented by health authorities to those entering the country.

In Venezuela’s international airports and border crossings, the protocol of the Emergency Epidemiological Plan, issued by the Ministry of Health, is being applied to prevent the advance of the coronavirus in Venezuela.

After the National Executive announcement of 17 cases of coronavirus in Venezuela to 15th March, El Pitazo presents the key points of this protocol, which is mandatory for all those who enter the country, especially those coming from countries with COVID-19 infections.

  • Temperature taking. At the airport, descending from the plane, health-care staff checks the temperature of the passengers with an infrared thermometer.
  • Preventive evaluation. The health personnel in the Migration area evaluate each person to detect if there are any risk factors.
  • Warning signs. If a suspicious symptom is detected, a sample is taken and the person enters in quarantine.
  • Use of masks. Once in the country, is mandatory to use a mask on the plane, at the airport or border crossing, and in the rest of the country.
  • Hand washing. Venezuela has severe water shortages, affecting 80% of the country, but the government advises washing hands frequently for at least one minute.

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