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Coronavirus forces a truce between Maduro and Guaido

Representatives from the Nicolas Maduro government and the interim presidency of Juan Guaido signed an agreement under the sponsorship of the PanAmerican Health Organization to face the Coronavirus. Maduro’s promised, in writing, not to block humanitarian aid that Guaido had obtained.


By Gabriela Gonzalez.

The interim government headed by Juan Guaido and the government of Nicolas Maduro signed an agreement this week to work on seven priority lines to stop the spread of COVID-19, according to information obtained by El Pitazo.

Amidst the Coronavirus truce, the Maduro regime recognizes -for the first time- the National Assembly led by Juan Guaido as a valid power, despite a recent ruling by the Maduro-controlled Supreme Court to recognize the self-proclaimed presidency of deputy Luis Parra.

The agreement comes just as Coronavirus seems to be peaking in Venezuela, with cases tripling over the last two weeks to 1,819, and a daily record of 156 new cases Tuesday, June 2.

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Guaido denounced that Maduro-run hospitals have been giving bogus, inaccurate tests (something a recent UN report confirmed), lacking even basics such as masks and gloves for first-line workers, and do not even have enough respirators.

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The opposition and Maduro groups will work on:

  1. Detection of active cases of COVID-19 through laboratory diagnosis.
  2. Timely and adequate treatment of positive cases
  3. Supervised isolation of asymptomatic cases.
  4. Protection of health workers, given the recent increase in cases among medical staff.
  5. Implementation of infection prevention and control actions in health facilities.
  6. Epidemiological surveillance, data analysis, and situation report.
  7. Communication on the risks detected for the adoption of protective measures for the population.

A source close to the interim president’s team told El Pitazo that this work has been going on for months to enable the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to obtain protected resources abroad and thus ensure an effective response to the emergency generated by the coronavirus in the country.

These resources are part of the so-called Fund for the Liberation of Venezuela and attention to critical cases, which consists of 80 million dollars.

According to the source who requests not to be identified, in the document, both parts are committed to working together on the coordination of economic resources with the support of PAHO.

The document signed by Julio Castro, advisor on health issues of the interim government, and the Minister of Health of the Maduro government, Carlos Alvarado, was signed Monday, June 1.

It is not known, however, if the Maduro government will share, for example, real-time figures with the Guaidó team.

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