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Friday, 25 June, 2021

Coronavirus cases increase to 42 in Venezuela

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said there are six new positive cases, four of them in Miranda state, while National Assembly President Juan Guaido warned that 316 political prisoners are at risk of contracting the disease in the regime’s jails.


By Yoselin Gonzalez with additional reporting by Carlos Camacho.

Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez reported Thursday, March 19, six new cases of Coronavirus in Venezuela, increasing the number of positives to 42, four of them in Miranda state.

Rodriguez announced the new cases on national TV. He also assured that all are receiving medical attention according to the treatment protocols already defined by Venezuelan authorities, together with the World Health Organization and the collaboration of Cuba and China.

He insisted that the social quarantine implemented in Venezuela is the best prevention for coronavirus disease and added that Venezuelans have mostly complied with the measure that began on Monday, March 16; however, people have been seen on the streets searching for fuel or food.

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“The quarantine has been maintained, but we have noticed that people are leaving for no reason and are subjecting themselves to a tremendous tragedy,” Rodriguez said.

Guaido´s concern.

The National Assembly President Juan Guaido warned that political prisoners are at risk in the Coronavirus pandemic, due to the conditions under which they have been kidnapped by the dictatorship.

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The regime arrested five people – one opposition lawmaker, three doctors, and a nurse- since the outbreak began, adding them to the list of Maduro’s political prisoners.

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