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Friday, 30 July, 2021

Constituent Assembly approve remove the legislative immunity form four deputies.


The National Constituent Assembly (ANC Spanish acronym) approved the Removal of legislative immunity for national assembly deputies Jorge Alberto Millán Torrealba, Hernán Claret Alemán Pérez, Carlos Alberto Lozano Parra y Luis Stefanelli Barjacoba.

The deputies have been accused from treason, conspiracy, instigation to hate, civil rise, association to felony, instigation of disobedience and continues hate.

The decision was made by the Supreme Justice Court (TSJ Spanish acronym) to carry de judgement to ordinary courts.

Venezuela’s Prosecutor General Tareck William Saab, named by the ANC, confirmed that Public Minister delivered to the Court a request to remove the legislative immunity to opposition deputies involved in presumed money’s corruption scheme that would be use to Humanitarian Aid, that according to Saab: “They can’t hide”.

Also, he informed that the TSJ reunited to discuss the solicitude due the conspiracies executed by the opposition deputies with the purpose to begin a civil war. “Audios and videos are out, they used money that could help the people and other corruption facts denounced by Calderon Berti”.

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