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Brazilian teachers educate 1,505 Venezuelan children through distance learning

The kids used to cross into Brazil, every school day, to attend classes in institutes there, but the pandemic prevented that. So, Brazilian teachers delivered 11,674 school kits to their Venezuelan pupils.


By Glorimar Fernández.

Brazilian teachers in different sectors of the border municipality of Pacaraima are teaching 1,505 Venezuelan children enrolled in Brazilian schools thanks to distance learning, as the COVID-19 pandemic peaking again in Venezuela.

Before the pandemic, hundreds of Venezuelan kids crossed into Brazil every day to attend school there. Now they can not do it because of the strict quarantine imposed by the Nicolas Maduro regime.

By September 11, Brazilian teachers had sent 11,674 school kits to their Venezuelan students. By regime strictures, those kits had delivered through the Maduro-controlled military.

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During this period, teachers assigned to the Directorate of Education and Sports of Pacaraima maintained communication and have served as support to the students. Besides the confinement, students are affected by the constant failures of electricity, telephone service, and lack of gas that are permanent in Santa Elena de Uairen on the Venezuelan side, as in most of the country.

The teachers delivered 674 kits with school supplies to the military at the border to distribute them to the children. Photo: Glorimar Fernández
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Selma Campos, a Venezuelan teacher who works in a school in Brazil and is in charge of coordinating the delivery of guides and school supplies in the Gran Sabana, said that of the 1,505 Venezuelan children enrolled in the educational system of that country, 111 are native Venezuelans. The children also receive distance education thanks to the job done by the mayor of Pacaraima, Juliano Torquato.

“We provide all the tools needed by indigenous refugee children in the Bananal, Sorocaima I and Tauparu communities, in addition to 110 Warao children who are in a UN shelter,” he said.

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