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Brazil closes border with Venezuela even to buy food

Roraima state actions contradict orders from President Jair Bolsorano, who said on Tuesday, March 17th, that the closure would be partial. This event caused discussions between Brazilian border workers and Venezuelans who were trying to buy food and medicine across the border.


On the morning of Wednesday, March 18th, the border between Venezuela and Brazil was completely close, nobody was allowed to enter from Venezuela, not even to buy food or other essential items.

The action contradicts orders by Brazilian President Jair Bolsorano, who, on Tuesday night, announced that the closure would be partial to prevent the collapse of the health system in the state of Roraima.

Brazilian police and civilian authorities engaged in heated arguments at the crossing with the Venezuelans who trying to get, at least, to buy the everyday food runs.

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The measure causes concern in people that going to Brazil to get food and medicine. Most of the businesses operating in the Venezuelan side offer the same Brazilian products, but at much higher costs.

On Tuesday, the last day of the semi-open border, Venezuelans went to Pacaraima on the Brazilian side to buy necessities during the pandemic caused by the expansion of the coronavirus that led to last-minute purchases to make the quarantine bearable.

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