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Bolivar is the second most violent state in Venezuela

According to the Venezuelan Violence Observatory -OVV by its acronym in Spanish- illegal mining and the presence of armed groups has increased the crime rate in the last three years in Bolivar state, on the border with Brazil.


Bolivar is the second most violent state in Venezuela while Sucre is now the sixth most violent state in Venezuela, OVV says.

OVV’s coordinator in Bolivar state, María Virginia Alarcon, told that Bolivar also has the two most violent municipalities in Venezuela, which is El Callao and Sifontes, where the greatest number of violent acts happen, according to the number of inhabitants. In those towns, armed groups operate the illegal control mining in the Orinoco Mining Arc.

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“The state has a particularity, there is a northern zone that is characterized by criminal violence, while the southern zone of the state is characterized by acts of violence by illegal mining and armed groups,” explained Alarcon.

According to OVV, in Bolivar, 63% of the violence takes place on weekdays, and of this 32 % during the day, meaning night-time activity in the region is very little. Blackouts and electricity rationing in Bolivar are extremely common, even if 70% of all Venezuelan electricity is generated in that state.

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