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Wednesday, 7 June, 2023

Armed civilians and militaries prevent lawmakers from entering National Assembly

Lawmakers were attacked while moving to Parliament in Caracas.


The opposition-held National Assembly was surrounded by armed civilians and military groups, early Wednesday, January 15th, preventing lawmakers from entering the Legislative Palace and starting the day’s session. Also, the groups assaulted their vehicles on approach.

“The dictatorship insists on sequestering militarily the Federal Legislative Palace, utilizing its repressive and paramilitary groups. If they persist in this clumsiness they will find us facing them, united with the people of Venezuela and the world”, National Assembly President Juan Guaido tweeted.

This is the second assault against the Assembly in a week. Lawmakers Renzo Prieto and Delsa Solorzano reported hearing gunfire, but no casualties have been reported yet.

A commission led by Carlos Berrizbeitia, the parliament’s vice-president, was unable to enter the legislative or even park their cars near it as civilians attacked the vehicles.

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