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Saturday, 24 October, 2020

Argentina cancels diplomatic credentials for Juan Guaido’s ambassador


The government of Argentina decided on Tuesday, January 7th to cancel the diplomatic credentials of Elsa Trotta Gamus, the ambassador in Buenos Aires designated by Juan Guaido last year.

Gamus was welcomed by the center-right Mauricio Macri administration but rebuffed by the new government of Alberto and Cristina Fernandez, which replaced Macri months ago in a close election. Either as President or First Lady in the administration of her late husband Nestor, Cristina Fernandez was a key ally of Maduro as well as of his mentor and predecessor Hugo Chavez.

According to El Clarín, one of the top newspapers in Argentina, Trotta was informed of the decision through a note signed by Mariangeles Bellusci, the national deputy director for ceremonial at the Argentine Foreign Ministry.

“I write to you to communicate that starting on this date your special mission before the Argentine Republic has ended as well as your functions related”, is read in the note according to the paper.

In October of 2019, then foreign minister Jorge Faurie recognized Trotta as Ambassador and offered her accreditation, immunity, and security after Macri himself recognized Trotta as a diplomatic envoy.

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