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Angelica dreams of leaving her wheelchair

The girl is six years old and is waiting for help to pay for the two operations she needs on her hamstrings to be able to walk. Her family does not have the money necessary for the surgeries.


By Eira Gonzalez.

Angelica de Los Angeles Moreno Loaiza is six years old and has never walked. Her condition can change with two tendon surgeries, but the cost of these and the scarce economic resources of her family make it almost impossible to fulfill her dream.

The surgeries she requires -a lengthening of the adductor Corvus and also a lengthening of the bilateral anterior rectal tendon- cost around $1,000.

Her family lacks the resources for the interventions. About 50% of the Venezuelan workforce makes one dollar for a month.

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Through an initiative of the parish priest of Sinamaica, Father Santos Silva, and a group of collaborators got a 50% off of the surgery in the Hogar Clinica San Rafael, in Maracaibo. The total amount of the operation exceeds 410 million bolivares and, even with the discount, the family cannot collect the amount.

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The Moreno Loaiza family lives in the central area of Sinamaica, municipality of Guajira, in the border state of Zulia. Their house is a small ranch with a sand floor and walls and a roof made of scraps of cans. During the rainy season, it gets almost equally wet outside and inside.

Her father, Edgar Moreno, sells coffee while her, mother Elia Loaiza, works as a cleaner in some houses; the little they earn is barely enough to feed Angelica and her brother Alejandro, 11 years old.

The Loaiza abode, Zulia state. Despite being oil-rich, the Western Venezuela state of Zulia has been hard hit by an ongoing economic crisis, which began in 2014. Photo by Eira González.

Moreno used to sell newspapers in the village, but the newspapers stopped printing copies, and he lost his job; so, he dedicated himself to sell coffee in the Troncal del Caribe. But since the quarantine began six months ago, sales have dropped with the restriction of vehicles on that road to the Colombian border.

Today his income is often not enough to bring food to his house, he does not receive any help from state institutions, and he feels more and more distant from meeting the expenses of the operations that Angelica needs to walk.

The ecclesiastical parish of St. Bartholomew, the Apostle of Sinamaica, has made its bank accounts available to collect the resources to fulfill the dream of Angélic, of no longer using a wheelchair.

For any help, you can contact the Loaiza’s local Catholic parish at +58 412 1742378 or +58 424 6042378.

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