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All 376 Venezuelan migrants returning to Spain sent to quarantine shelters

The flight landed at Maiquetía International Airport at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, July 21, with 376 Venezuelans, that got stranded in Spain after the closure of air operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March.


A total of 376 migrants returning from Spain, the entire flight, were sent to shelters in Vargas state and Caracas on Tuesday, as the international community and the local opposition continue denouncing the treatment of the Nicolas Maduro regime is giving its returnees.

The Venezuelans were stranded in Spain since mid-March and finally allowed to return to Venezuela on Tuesday, July 21, on a Plus Ultra airline flight.

After their arrival, the returning migrants got subjected to rapid tests for COVID-19. As a result, 200 of the passengers were sent to the Isolation center Los Caracas, while the remaining 176 went to the quarantine centers in Caracas. They must spend there14 days before returning home.

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Several of the returning, with previous weeks sleeping at Madrid’s Barajas airport, landed in Maiquetía after 6:30 pm. The vast majority had return tickets, trips that could not be made after the cessation of air operations between Spain and Venezuela, in force since March 12, as one of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Madura embassy in Madrid demanded that returning migrants take a PCR test with a negative result before being allowed to return. The tests cost 90 euros.

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The Maduro regime did not cover the returning passage of the migrants. They had to pay Plus Ultra 550 Euros per seat.

Plus Ultra was created in 2011 and began flying from Spain to Venezuela in 2018. Its president, Fernando Manzo, told Venezuelan media in 2018 that he was working in collaboration with the Nicolas Maduro regime to expand operations in Venezuela.

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