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Alex Saab remanded to house arrest on West African Court decision

The Colombian businessman, wanted in the US accused of money laundering to the Maduro regime, has been in a Cape Verde prison since June 12. Now, he stays in house arrest until he extradition to the US, former Venezuelan prosecutor Zair Mundaray told El Pitazo.


The Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) ordered Cape Verde to place under house arrest Colombian businessman Alex Saab, accused by the US of being Nicolas Maduro’s top money launderer.

Spanish news agency EFE confirmed the news and further noted that a source from Saab’s defense team reported that the Ecowas Tribunal, based in Abuja (Nigeria) and of which Cape Verde is a member, ruled in favor of ending the current incarceration regime of the Colombian businessman.

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Former Venezuelan assistant Attorney General in exile, Zair Mundaray, said there is no way that Alex Saab not be extradited to the United States.

Likewise, Mundaray pointed out that the Cape Verde authorities are agreeing to the extradition. After all, there was a delay due to resources introduced by Saab’s lawyers and then because there were judicial vacations.
In a hearing held last Monday, December 30, the court ordered the State of Cape Verde to alleviate the measure taken against Saab, says the news agency EFE.

On October 5, Saab’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in court, claiming that their client’s detention was illegal.
Last month, the Ecowas Court asked the Cape Verdean Justice to allow external medical attention to the Colombian businessman.

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Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho in Caracas.

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