The Colombian businessman, Alex Saab, detained in Cape Verde sent a letter to the Prime Minister of that country to tried to persuade the authority to allow him to return to Venezuela. Saab used the argument that he is a special envoy with diplomatic immunity.

In the addressed letter Ulisses Correia e Silva, the Colombian businessman, allegedly forehead of Nicolás Maduro, he assured that Venezuela could help better to the island than the United States; he also said his case is a great injustice.

“I was denied the right to a hearing, and my team of lawyers did not have access to the attorney report,” Saab wrote.

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According to Saab, the way he was arrested looks like more a kidnapping, arguing that in the time of his detention, there not was a red alert yet by Interpol.

He complained about being 57 days detained without any proof of the accusations by the US. He also denounced received a cruel treatment during his detention. He told that they took him to a cell with no water and light for two days. He complained about the rudimentary medical care given to him, even when he told them he was a cancer survivor.

A warning

Also, in his letter, Saab issued a warning to the Cape Verde Minister, assure him that his “inaction” will have legal and political consequences. “I don´t think that people in Cape Verde are agreed with this since the United States has always discriminated against them… Venezuela will always be a better ally than the US regime,” he said.