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Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Activists investigate the death of pelicans in Pozuelo Bay


Local NGO Agua para todos- Water for everyone- said they counted, at least 12 dead pelicans floating around the canal where discharges residual waters into the bay.

Rodolfo Gil, president of the NGO, said: “The fishermen say the homeless are hunting the pelicans to eat them but, in some cases, we found whole birds-bodies and other decomposed, so we presume that there is at least one other cause of death.”

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People in the bay also told that fishermen hit the pelicans and break their wings because they steal their catch. “We will also hold them responsible for whatever happens to the birds in Pozuelos bay if the deaths keep happening,” Gil added.

This is the two versions – and the two main threats- for the pelicans’ population in Pozuelos Bay. Activists concluded this after conducting a joint inquiry with the Inparques, the organization responsible to protect flora and fauna in Venezuela.

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