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A year of Guaido, an interim presidency between light and shadows

After twelve months as interim president, Juan Guaido couldn't get his purpose: Get Maduro out of power. Experts agree that this proposal created high expectations. However, he achieved support from 60 countries to his political movement.


By Lewins Granado.

“Before God Almighty and Venezuela, I swear to assume the power of the National Executive to achieve the end of usurpation, the transition government, and free election.” With this statement on 23rd January 2019, Juan Guaido went from being a discreet lawmaker in his Voluntad Popular party to head a political movement to remove Nicolas Maduro from power with great international help.

This Thursday, Guaido turns a year as interim president with more broken promises than achieved goals in the middle of a political fight that seems to have no end in Venezuela. The long crisis of the country gets worsed when dissenters lawmakers tried to take control of the Parliament with support from chavism.

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The surprising attack impulses the opposition to close ranks around Guaido, despite the public and different points of view among the anti-chavism groups.

“I know we made mistakes. We ask for forgiveness to Venezuela,” said Guaido this Tuesday, 21th, January in London in a meeting with Venezuelan diaspora.

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Experts consulted by El Pitazo agree that those mistakes in Guaido’s administration were to create high expectations with the Triada end of usurpation, transition government, and free election that shows immediate solutions that without intermediate steps. However, the same experts said that was a year wit high and lows.

Read the full analysis in Spanish by this link.

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