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A plane crashed with nine people on board near to the Caracas’s Airport


A plane with nine people on board crashed the night of this Thursday, December 19th, at the Oscar Machado Zuloaga Airport, near to the Charallave city, Miranda state, the central zone from Venezuela.

The plane departure from Guasipata, Bolivar state, and lost communication with the control tower just five miles before to arrive at the private airport. Onboard traveled seven passengers and two crew members.

Fireman department and Civil Protection officers had no confirmed information about the identity of the persons till the next day.

Persons identified

Among the passengers is the pilot Hector Aleman, co-pilot Rafael Aristiguieta, Marielbys Contreras, Rafael Araujo, Daysi Colina, Vivanco Humberto, Anais Fois, Mariano Díaz y Alejandro Suegar. The health’s state from this persons is unknown.

According to the Aeronautic National Institute, the airplane’s route was Guasipati-Caracas, but authorities declared that the airport is not controlled by them, so they cant confirmed this information.

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Through social media one of the passengers, Anais Fois, post a picture before the accident. Passengers were in Canaima, the natural national park. They were at the Hotel Waku Lodge.

Another passenger, Mariano Díaz, is related to Raul Gorrin, ex-owner from the TV channel Globovision and sanctioned for the United Stated Department. According to the website Poderopedia, Alejandro Suegar was accused of the National Assembly of irregularities in the acquisition of foreign exchange through Cadivi and his participation in the system named Clap, in charge of food distribution.

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