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Friday, 25 June, 2021

A member from ELN guerrilla swore loyalty to Maduro

The Colombia newspaper, El Tiempo, posted a video of Alvaro Diaz Tarazona, aka "Edward," an ELN member, who did not accept the peace agreement that Colombia offered to his gang. In the video, he swears loyalty to the Nicolas Maduro regime.


Alvaro Diaz Tarazona, also known as Edward, appeared in a video obtained by Colombian newspaper, El Tiempo, in which he assures that he is loyal to the Nicolas Maduro regime and that they can count on the National Liberation Army (ELN).

ELN rejected the peace agreement accepted by most of the FARC and other Colombian left-wing guerrilla groups. FARC rogue factions have also said they support Maduro in what they said is a war against the US and its capitalism.

“Commander and chief, Nicolas Maduro Moros, count on with the National Liberation Army until death. We are loyal to Venezuela, and we want you to have confidence in our troops. We be one force to defend the homeland of Simón Bolívar,” said the alleged member of the ELN.

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Edward also warned Maduro of possible betrayals by senior advisors and supporters. “There are some recordings of high officials in which they are waiting for the government to fall to turn to the empire,” added the alleged guerrilla.

In the recording, Edward also assures that the purpose of the video is to agree on a new link between the Maduro government and the ELN to confront the imperialist enemy, the paramilitaries, and drug trafficking.

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Alias Edward said he was sent by Lenin Torres to talk to Maduro. This Lenin, according to information from El Tiempo, is the leader of the Eastern War Front in charge of finance and extortion. According to the media outlet, this video made in 2019 and located by intelligence agents.

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