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A med-student was arrested for a WhatsApp pic critical of Maduro

Andreina Urdaneta, a second-year resident of Cabimas' Gynecology and Obstetrics graduate school, was presented to the court for the crime of incitation to hate for sharing a pic of Maduro in a gallows, with a rope around his neck in her WhatsApp status.


Andreina Urdaneta Martinez, a resident medicine student in Cabimas, Zulia state, was arrested by officials of the Scientific and Investigation Police on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 26, for publishing a WhatsApp status with an image allegedly depicting a hanging Nicolas Maduro.

The arrest was made at Urdaneta Martinez’s house, located in the sector H5 of Cabimas. At the time of the arrest, there was no court order against her, nor did the officials explain the reason, her relatives told El Pitazo.

For the posting against Maduro, published in a WhatsApp status on May 25, Martínez is being charged with the crime of incitement and promotion of hatred.

“It was an image that is rolling around, of Maduro, it had nothing to do with the hospital,” explained one of her colleagues under the condition of anonymity.

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In the image shared by Martinez, Maduro is seen on the gallows, with a rope tied around his neck. The publication was accompanied by an emoji of the application. El Pitazo has not seen the image in question.

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On Wednesday afternoon, May 27, the med student was presenting at the Criminal Judicial Circuit of Cabimas. At least 15 people, including relatives and colleagues from the hospital, held a vigil outside the agency.

Urdaneta Martinez is in her second year of the postgraduate course in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Cabimas hospital. Doctors and other workers at the Zulia health center demanded her release.

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