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Tuesday, 27 July, 2021

4,500 minors wait for surgery at Venezuelan hospital J.M de Los Rios

First vice president of the National Assembly, Juan Pablo Guanipa, said the money would be better spent fixing the largest children’s hospital in Venezuela.


The first vice president of the National Assembly, Juan Pablo Guanipa, warned that 4,500 minors at Venezuela’s largest pediatric hospital the “. M. de Los Rios in Caracas, are waiting for surgery.

Guanipa shot a video outside the hospital early Tuesday morning, denouncing the health crisis at the center.

“Of eight operating rooms they have, only one and a half is working, they are in debt with 4,500 kids, awaiting an operation,” the lawmaker from Zulia state said.

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Maduro ended the health of Venezuelans,” said Guanipa, adding that in the hospital, like in other health centers in Venezuela, there are frequent interruptions in water and electricity service.

Venezuela is through a humanitarian crisis, which has resulted in the largest exodus in the history of the Western Hemisphere, some 5 million people since at least 2014.

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