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37 Venezuelan political parties signed a pact to boycott the Maduro regime elections

Opposition parties, loyal to the National Assembly, eschew the December 6 parliamentary elections Maduro is organizing, promise to take part in a competing contest organized by Guaido.


37 Venezuelan political parties agreed jointly to sign the unitary pact headed by the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, which aims at putting pressure on Nicolas Maduro to give up power by ignoring the December parliamentary elections.

The US electoral process was denounced as unfair, and instead, partake in a national consultation organized by the National Assembly.

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Guaido claimed the mantle of interim President of Venezuela in January 2019, pointed out that the reelection of Maduro in 2018 was fraudulent. He also has the recognition and support of 60 countries, including the US.

Nicolás Maduro, however, has remained in power and seeks to gain legitimacy by organizing a parliamentary election.

According to the statement released by the Guaido press team, the signing parties are now on the “road to progress” to give back to Venezuelans their sovereignty by holding free and transparent elections in a date yet to be announced.

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The controlled Supreme Court intervened in the three largest opposition political parties (Accion Democrática, Primero Justicia, and Voluntad Popular) in Venezuela, designating new and pro- Maduro authorities. However, representatives of those three organizations were amongst the 37 parties that signed the document to support Guaido.

After having signed this agreement, the Venezuelan opposition committed to establishing a “solid unity” that includes the diverse political and social sectors of the country, based on rules of mutual respect, so that no difference is above the interests of the country.

On the other hand, they manifest that the main challenge of the 37 signatories is to achieve a mobilization that generates the internal pressure to achieve political change.

Likewise, without mentioning members of the Venezuelan State, they propose that permanent channels of dialogue and consultation be opened with fundamental political, social, and economic sectors of Venezuelan society so that they join the unitary pact.

Finally, they called on Venezuelans to actively support the following lines of action of the unitary route:

  1. Reject the electoral fraud called by the dictatorship for December. Dedicate efforts for its delegitimization, inside and outside of Venezuela.
  2. Deploy a national and international campaign for free presidential and parliamentary elections.
  3. To build and organize a new space or platform of unity and coordination of the democratic forces and the organized civil society.
  4. To lay the foundations of a National Emergency Government, whose objective is to direct the transition, urgently address the economic and social crisis, and call for free elections.
  5. To build bridges and establish guarantees with the civil and military actors that act according to the constitution to re-establish democracy.
  6. Deepen and escalate international pressure on the dictatorship.
  7. Activate Article 70 of the Constitution to call for a consultation that will allow all Venezuelans to express their voice to advance towards our freedom, recover democracy, and promote the well-being of all Venezuelans.

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