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30% of tourism companies in Venezuela will not reopen anymore

A third of all the companies in that sector will not be able to reopen, even with quarantine lifted, says the president of the tourism-industry chamber in Venezuela (Conseturismo in Spanish).


By Samuel Morales Escuela

At least 30% of the tourism-sector companies paralyzed during the quarantine in Venezuela will not be able to open now nor after the pandemic, according to the last surveys carried out in the sector by the Superior Council of Tourism (Conseturismo), the top guild of the industry.

On Tuesday, October 20, Conseturismo President, Leudo Gonzalez, said as much during an interview with US-based web TV network TVV Noticias.

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“In the last surveys that we made, in the last opinion polls where we have ascertained the situation of the sector, 30% of the people or companies that responded said that they are not going to be opening now or after the pandemic,” warned Gonzalez.

The sector enlists some 15,000 firms in Venezuela, employing 300,000 individuals directly and about one million indirectly, Gonzalez said. Some of the tourism companies are one-person firms, he added.

Recovery Fund

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Conseturismo celebrated World Tourism Day last September 30 with the virtual initiative Hablan las Regiones -The Regions Speak Up-, where representatives of the sector from all over the country participated.

Gonzalez said that they seek to create a fund to recover national tourism, hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the subsequent quarantine in Venezuela.

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