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“2021 will be the end of a historical cycle,” Juan Guaidó said

The lawmaker vowed to keep on fighting to end the Nicolas Maduro regime. The United Nations announces it will send a special human-rights rapporteur to Venezuela in February. The Assembly extended its period for an additional year to confront the regime.


By Jordan Flores.

The president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido, shared a message saying that, despite the difficulties, 2021 will be one of rebirth for Venezuela.

“In 2021, listen well, it will be the closing of a historical cycle of more than 20 years and the beginning of a new Venezuela,” he promised. The international community gets enlisted to take the necessary measures to implement the Right to Protect or R2P international standard in Venezuela, Guaido added.

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Guaido, who claimed as interim President of Venezuela in 2019 and is recognized by 60 countries, has called for a nationwide anti-Maduro regime protest on January 5. The United Nations also announced a special rapporteur to Venezuela to cover human rights violations by the Maduro regime.

However, the interim government has been unable to oust Maduro, even as the ruler was sanctioning by several countries, including the United States, and has a $15 million US bounty on his head.

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“All we have done has been for the people can regain their sovereignty and come out of this tragedy. That is why I offer to do everything in our power to force a political solution, because we know, moreover, that the dictatorship will not leave power voluntarily, unless, gets forced to do so,” he stressed.

In the Popular Consultation vote, organized in early December, more than six million Venezuelans voted to oust Maduro. The consultation is binding, the lawmaker said and compromised the National Assembly and the interim government to find an urgent solution to the crisis.

Free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections remain the goal, Guaido reiterated, saying he was working on “achieving what today unifies Venezuelans and the world: truly free elections.”

Guaido indicated that they create a special commission in charge of reinforcing the job in universal justice matters. Its mission will be to articulate all the efforts and actors to make the international community take the necessary measures.

Guaido again urged the Armed Forces to support the Constitution and the citizens to rescue the democracy in the country.

“What are you (the military) going to do when the people come out again, to make demands in these first months of the year when the crisis hits even harder,” he asked the military, to whom he reminded that crimes against humanity not expire.

Guaido called upon Venezuelans to support the current National Assembly and prevent that deputies elected in the recent and controversial elections take the Parliament the next January 5. He also calls to mobilizing, in Venezuela and abroad, on a new day of protests. “It is in the streets where we will prove that we are the majority,” he said.

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